Lunch at Honest Burger


Rating: 9 / 10

Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street (Bakerloo / Hammersmith & City / Central line)

Service Time: 10 minutes

Address: 12 Widegate Street, London E1 7HP


We, like our meat eating counterparts, love comforting (somewhat greasy) food on occasion. When it comes to comfort food, nothing satisfies that guilty craving like a good veggie burger. I have become fed up, however, of always being served portobello mushroom and halloumi when I go in search of this kind of food – not that there’s anything wrong with mushrooms, it’s just that I’d like to see something more innovative. Cue, Honest Burger, an Americanesque chain of burger joints offering some of the best fast food in London.


The veggie option was a fritter (not dissimilar to a Pakora) of spiced cauliflower, sweetcorn and shallots in a gluten free bun (optional) with coriander and cucumber yoghurt and served with delicious rosemary chips. Contrary to popular belief, a good burger doesn’t need to be greasy – Honest Burger are testament to this. You can also opt for additional sauces. We were tempted by the Chipotle Mayo, but decided to make our own concoction of mayo and mustard which was also delicious!

The staff were upbeat, knowledgable and helpful and the atmosphere, relaxed. The flavours were surprisingly good and it certainly hit the spot! I will almost definitely be returning

Bill for 2 people:

2 x Veggie Burgers with GF buns = £16.00
1 x Onion Rings = £3.00

TOTAL BILL = £19.00


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