Tea & mid-afternoon snack at Asher’s Africana

Masala Mogo and Chutneys - mouth-wateringly good
Masala Mogo and Chutneys – mouth-wateringly good

Rating: 10/10

Nearest Tube: Alperton (Piccadilly Line)

Service Time: 20 minutes

Address: 224 Ealing Road, Wembley, Middlesex, HA0 4QL.

Asher’s Africana is an affordable, canteen style, Gujarati restaurant on Ealing Road in Wembley. The food is distinctly Indian, but is influenced by East African cuisine due to the settlement of Indian communities in places like Uganda and Kenya during British Colonial rule. History lesson over. All you need to know is that the flavours are out of this world!

We stopped by after a trip to the temple, which is just a few minutes walk away. The staff are friendly, but speak limited English.

We ordered Masala Mogo (fried cassava marinated in a tomato and chilli sauce) and Mehti Bhajia (fried dumplings with fenugreek). It is served with incredible coriander and tamarind chutneys. We washed it down with a few cups of chai (spiced tea.) The food cannot be faulted – simply delicious!

This place is also very good for typical Gujarati Thalis – a metal dish filled with curries, breads, rice and dhal. If you’re popping in for dinner, be sure to try this. You really can’t go wrong for £6! There is little sense of urgency here, however, so don’t expect your food to arrive within minutes of ordering. Typical wait times are between 20- 30 minutes. It’s worth it though…


2 x Masala Chai = £2.00

1 x Masala Mogo = £4.50

1 x Methi Bhajia = £3.00

TOTAL BILL = £9.50


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